AHETA welcomes new Secretary of State for Tourism and thanks Rita Marques for her work

AHETA wishes Nuno Fazenda «profitable mandate»

AHETA – Association of Hotels and Tourist Enterprises of the Algarve welcomed, this Friday, November 30th, Nuno Fazenda, new Secretary of State for Tourism, also thanking the work of Rita Marques, who was exonerated from the portfolio. 

In a note sent to the press, AHETA shows its «total availability» to work with Nuno Fazenda, «with a view to resolving the major challenges in the sector, especially those caused by the pandemic and which are difficult to resolve, namely issues related to with the companies' treasury, in parallel with the great difficulties in hiring human resources, fundamental for the proper functioning of the hotel and entertainment units».

At the time of her departure, Rita Marques also deserves a "special greeting" from AHETA.

The association would like to thank him for «all his willingness to work with the sector».

«Over the last few years, we have always maintained an open channel with the former Secretary of State for Tourism, which greatly contributed to the resolution of the many problems that companies face on a daily basis», it also reads.

«We hope that the future holder of the position will express his total availability to listen to us and work with us, with the same objectives. For our part, we will not haggle over efforts to present concrete and feasible solutions and, at any time, AHETA will be at the forefront of finding solutions, alongside the Secretary of State», he concludes.