Football Association launches official anthem

Images were captured in Estoi and Vila Nova de Cacela

The Algarve Football Association (AFA) launched this Wednesday, November 25, its official anthem.

With images captured in Estoi and Vila Nova de Cacela, the project, which brought together musicians from the Algarve from various parts of the region, is part of the institution's centenary celebrations.

The objective is to “unite futsal, football and beach soccer in the Algarve, as well as the whole Algarve, with one voice”, says the AFA.




Music and lyrics: João Tiago Neto
Production and mixing: Rui Daniel
Mastering: Carlos Vales

Video Clip:

Direction and production: Bruno Saraiva and Pedro Leite


Band: João Tiago Neto (author and vocalist), Ana Tereza (vocalist), Dave Negri (drummer), Razvan Crestin (bassist), Rui Daniel (guitarist) and André de Oliveira (synthesizers)

Algarve Team Athletes: Afonso Hopffer, Cláudio Conceição, Jenifer Oliveira, José Teixeira, Martim Nunes, Rita Pestana, Rodrigo Catarino, Sofia Inocêncio and Victoria Francisco


wanted the king,
Let a name from heaven be written.
And from the top he rose,
Joining in the same flag
A pride in the south.

We are between sea and mountains
gold over blue

Every kick off,
It will be part of the history that the present
To write.
Glory is made of struggle,
With audacity and sweat
And Algarve one

We are between sea and mountains
gold over blue