“Not the girl” goes to the Pêra Pastoral Center

The show will be marked by intervention music

The last session of Lado B this year will take “The Girl Not” on the 2nd of December, at 21 pm, to the Pastoral Center of Pêra.

The show will be marked by intervention music, based on a sweet reflection on the times we live in.

Tickets cost 10 euros, with for sale on BOL and in the usual places.

This session on Lado B will be, according to the artist from Setubal, a social, political journey, for those who fight with their hearts and give body, soul and voice to an absolutely unique project, based on their album called “2 de Abril”, launched in homage to the homonymous neighborhood where he grew up, in Setúbal.

In the show, "The Girl Doesn't" revisits her memories, on a journey marked by friendship and mismatches that sow value, in a search for love.

“Because music has this ability to help me understand things, to make me believe that the revolutions that change us for the better can actually happen. It's a long album: of photographs and songs. Seasoned with desire, commotion, revulsion, fatigue and that dose of anguish from which the most painful themes are extracted. And then serenity. And then joy. And at the end of all this, a great gratitude”, reveals the artist.