Surveys begin work on the Praia de Praia bridge Faro, which is “running on schedule”

The project should be completed before the summer of 2024

Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação

The works for the new bridge at Praia de Faro are already underway and, according to Rogério Bacalhau, mayor, «for now, everything is going according to plan». 

«The time for the construction of the bridge is counting from the 7th, the company is working and that gives us peace of mind. Let's see if there is any surprise because it is a very complex work, it is not the same as making a building», said the mayor to the Sul Informação.

At this moment, whoever passes to Praia de Faro already see the workers in the field. «The company is, at the moment, carrying out surveys to understand the depth to be able to order the props that will support the bridge», continued the mayor.

The estimated time for completion of the work continues to be around a year and a half (540 days), thus setting the opening date to before the summer of 2024.

Regarding the movement of cars and pedestrians, until then, Rogério Bacalhau admits that “there may be some constraints”, but nothing unusual.

«The work will all be done on top of the water, the other bridge is working and therefore the constraints will be the natural ones».


Photos: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação