Vila do Bispo invests 17,6 million in houses for 102 families

New housing and requalification will improve the conditions of 229 people

Vila do Bispo will invest 17,6 million euros in the construction or rehabilitation of houses for 229 people from 102 families in the municipality, who do not have the financial means to support the cost of access to adequate housing.

The collaboration agreement between the municipality of Vila do Bispo and the Institute for Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU), within the scope of the 1st Law – Support Program for Access to Housing, was signed this afternoon, in the Chamber of this Algarve municipality, with the presence of the Secretary of State for Housing.

Rute Silva, mayor of Vila do Bispo, stressed that this is “a decisive day in the present and future of the municipality and the community”, adding that the planned investments aim to help “mitigation of a transversal problem” throughout the Algarve. , especially in territories more “exposed to real estate speculation”.

The mayor added that the 100 new homes, plus the rehabilitation of two others that are already part of the City Council's heritage, will contribute to the "permanence, attraction and settlement of the population" in the municipality, which is good for everyone, namely for companies and the local economy.

This is the first protocol that implements the Local Housing Strategy of Vila do Bispo (ELH de Vila do Bispo) and provides for the construction of 100 dwellings and the rehabilitation of another two, in an estimated global investment of 17.618.013 euros to be carried out in six years old. Of this amount, the IHRU finances around 4,5 million euros on a non-refundable basis and 7 million euros as a subsidized loan. The remaining amount of 6 million euros is provided by self-financing from the City Council, as explained by Rute Silva.



Marina Gonçalves, Secretary of State for Housing, who approved the agreement between the municipality and the IHRU, added, for her part, that, also within the scope of the PRR, there are other lines of financing aimed at supporting "housing solutions for the middle class and to finance more public housing», having launched the challenge for the Vila do Bispo City Council to apply.

According to what was defined in the Local Housing Strategy of Vila do Bispo, the construction of 46 dwellings is planned in the parish of Vila do Bispo and Raposeira, 25 in the parish of Budens and 29 in the parish of Sagres, all on municipal property. ELH also covers the rehabilitation of two buildings in the county seat.

Rute Silva said that, in Vila do Bispo, houses will be built in the two phases of the Municipal Subdivision of Senhora do Amparo, of which 29 are already in phase I, in Budens there will be 25 new dwellings in the Municipal Subdivision of Sítio das Areias (another 25 lots for self-construction). In Sagres, the two phases of the Municipal Allotment of Roça do Veiga will have 29 dwellings. There will also be an area for self-construction.

At the beginning of her speech, the mayor pointed out that, according to the most recent data, of the 2252 permanent homes registered in the municipality, 1667 belong to its residents and only 319 are leased. “This is something that people often complain about: there are no houses to rent”, commented the mayor.

For President Rute Silva, «resolving housing problems is a priority and this agreement with the IHRU bodes well for starting, quickly and effectively, the construction of new homes and the rehabilitation of the existing housing stock to ensure the well-being of the population. being of families”.

Secretary of State Marina Gonçalves, for her part, underlined that it was a «historic moment», because it is «another municipality that takes a step towards guaranteeing this fundamental right, which is the right to housing».

This Wednesday, the official will remain in the Algarve to approve two more collaboration agreements within the scope of the “1st Right” Program, one with the Municipality of Castro Marim (10:00 am) and the other with the neighboring Municipality of Vila Real. of Santo António (at 11:50 am).