Archaeological site discovered during golf construction presented in Lagoa

ERA-Archeology team remembers Memories of Lagoa, from Prehistory to the Islamic

“Memories of Lagoa from Quinta dos Poços: from Pre-History to the Islamic” is the theme of the conference that will take place at the Convento de S. José Cultural Center, in Lagoa, on September 23, at 18:30 pm, as part of the Celebrations of the Centenary of Farol of Alfanzina and in the European Heritage Days.

The identification of the archaeological site of Quinta dos Poços 4 and 5 arose in the context of the construction of a golf course by the Pestana Group, between Lagoa and Ferragudo.

The safeguard excavation carried out by a multidisciplinary team from the specialized company ERA-Arqueologia made it possible to record man-made structures and remains resulting from a long period of time, from Prehistory to the Islamic period.

In this archaeological site, one of the largest recorded in the municipality of Lagoa, more than six dozen structures excavated in the limestone rock were identified, namely silos/pits and funerary cavities of Islamic ritual, as well as four collective tombs that, in chronological terms, can be framed between the Middle Neolithic and the Chalcolithic, that is, from the 4th to the 3rd millennium BC (between 6 thousand and 5 thousand years ago).

«The work carried out at Quinta dos Poços revealed particularly important data, especially in pre/proto-historical contexts, generating a reflection on the primitive human occupation on the Algarve coast, which, in turn, may motivate the revision of theories about the funerary contexts of the western part of the region», explains the Câmara de Lagoa.

The results will be the subject of a public presentation by the archaeologists Francisco Correia and Catarina Furtado and the biological anthropologist Lucy Evangelista, from ERA-Arqueologia, who will talk about the structures and artefacts found, referring to the different contexts of occupation, as well as about the preliminary bioanthropological study of the exhumed human remains.

The conference is free of charge.

Photos: ERA Archeology