PCP: «Algarve populations and companies are victims of CTT's private management»

The «profound degradation» of the postal service throughout the Algarve region was denounced

CTT station in the Algarve – Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação (file)

«Populations and companies in the Algarve are victims of the private management of CTT», defends the Directorate of the Algarve Regional Organization of the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP), in a statement.

Denouncing the «profound degradation» of the postal service throughout the Algarve region, the communists point out that, «about eight years after the privatization of CTT (2014), which the PSD/CDS government carried out, all the negative consequences are confirmed. for which the PCP warned in good time'.

«The logic of a management disconnected from the interests and needs of the populations and tied to the millions of euros of profits that the shareholders are earning, is the one that prevails. The closing of branches and the reduction of their opening hours, the dismissal of thousands of workers (more than 4000 since the privatization) and the inability – given the low salaries – to retain new workers and the transformation of CTT into a private bank, continues, to the detriment of the quality postal service that it should ensure», adds the PCP.

In the Algarve region, «complaints and complaints about delays in the delivery of mail are multiplying, a situation that worsens during the summer. With retirees receiving their pension ten days later than expected, with electricity bills reaching customers after payment deadlines, with the regional press complaining that newspapers arrive at readers' homes two to three weeks later , with populations and businesses affected by regular mail and even blue mail arriving later and later. The most acute problems are felt among the most isolated populations of the mountains and the Algarve interior, but also in the large urban centers, there has been a reduction in the number of tours by postmen who, like other workers, have no hands to measure. for so much work”.

The communists in the Algarve stress that “all this happens with the complete complicity of the PS government which, instead of recovering control and ownership of CTT to the State, has recently extended the postal service concession contract until 2028”.

In its communiqué, the PCP reaffirms that «the Algarve population needs a quality and proximity postal service».

«The Algarve and the country are falling behind in this as in other matters. As life is confirming the privatization of CTT only benefited the Champalimaud family and several North American investment funds», so the communists demand an «urgent intervention by the Government – ​​which cannot be hidden behind ANACOM – to put an end to to a situation that is harming the lives of those who work, thousands of companies, retirees and pensioners. The defense of the interests of the Algarve and the country calls for the recovery of public control of this company».