Fornalha and its three inhabitants will have a party on Saturday

Many visitors are expected

The three inhabitants of the site of Fornalha, in the heart of Serra do Caldeirão, in the municipality of Loulé, will have a party at their door on Saturday, the 9th.

The Festa da Fornalha will feature folklore, gastronomy and accordion, ingredients with which it is hoped to enliven not only the few inhabitants of this locality, but also attract visitors.

The only three inhabitants of Fornalha, located in the heart of the municipality of Loulé, in the depths of Serra do Caldeirão, in the parish of Salir, but “looking” at the parish of Ameixial, «are looking forward to the arrival of July so that they can return to have fun on the hill and for them to see family and friends again», describe the organizers of the party.

On Saturday, there will be tables scattered in the streets, «where the stalls serve as benches, the backyards of improvised kitchens and the terraces of viewpoints».

«To complete this idyllic setting, you couldn't miss the tasty mountain cuisine, from snails, grilled black pork, pot food or the traditional mountain açorda», they add.

In the «early morning and to cheer up the crowd, nothing better than a group of accordionist friends to have fun, the dances and songs of the Ethnographic Group of Serra do Caldeirão – Cortelha and the “Balho” with Valter Cabrita».

Admission is free.

The party has been going on since 2016 and is back, after having stopped during the pandemic.

«We hope that this year the animation will return with many people to Fornalha, as in other years. Not even the fact that the road is unpaved has been an “excuse” for people not to come to Fornalha. The hills around here are full of cars scattered around, in a place like this, here at the bottom of Serra do Caldeirão. Every year we are surprised how so many people get here», according to David Nicolau, from the organizers of the event.

The Festa da Fornalha has the support of Loulé City Council, Salir Parish Council, Ameixial Parish Council and Rádio Gilão.