Aljezur fire is already “being resolved”

Reduction in wind as night falls and increased humidity should help firefighters

The fire in the municipality of Aljezur, in the area between the top of the Espinhaço de Cão mountain range and Alfambras, is already being resolved, although there are still 102 operatives supported by 35 vehicles there.

José Gonçalves, mayor of Aljezur, told the Sul Informação that «now we are calmer», since, with the onset of night, the wind speed decreased, which came to blow strongly in that area of ​​the Costa Vicentina, in addition to an increase in air humidity.

The fire, according to the mayor, which started in a bush area, even entered a eucalyptus grove, but as «the land around it was all clean», it ended up not progressing much.

the fire that It broke out in the middle of the afternoon today, Tuesday, with the alert being given at 14:59 pm, it forced the evacuation, «as a precaution», of a motorhome park near the Espinhaço de Cão wind farm, at the top of this mountain.

At 17 pm, the fire, according to the Regional Emergency and Civil Protection Command (CREPC), had “two fronts”.



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