Loulé students receive cookbooks and lunchboxes

Initiative to promote healthy eating

Within the scope of the Marmitando project, which aims to promote healthy eating among the school community, Loulé City Council will offer cookbooks and lunchboxes to students in the 4th year of schooling in the county's educational establishments.

This is an initiative that emerged in the 2018/2019 school year, as part of the plan to introduce the theme of healthy eating in schools.

In addition to offering cookbooks and lunchboxes, the initiative consists of holding practical workshops with the aim of «filling the big gap and the difficulty that exists in creating healthy and appealing snacks for school-age children», says the Municipality of Loulé in a statement.

Through the questions «what to take in the lunch box, what combinations are possible to make, what is considered healthy
and how to captivate students with healthier options», students are expected to have the opportunity to try new flavors and demystify preconceived ideas about healthy foods.

«Currently, the concept of healthy eating is under development and gaining more and more fans, so Marmitando has allowed this rise in a fun and educational way for children, also alerting them to the harmful effects of excessive consumption of packaged food products. and soft drinks. On the other hand, it should be noted that this project has today a strong support from the entire school community, teachers and guardians who see here as a great help in preparing a lunch box, now healthier», say those responsible for the project. .

Every year, the Marmitando project counts with the participation of close to 1300 students, which is also one of the activities included in the Holidays for All program.

Through Facebook Loulé Jovem, all interested parties will be able to follow the recipes and photographs of the prepared lunchboxes.