A community theater show brought together two hundred people in Largo do Carmo, in Faro

The Neighborhood Theater Faro and Matemurga from Buenos Aires, Argentina, shared the stage last Saturday, April 9

Groups of , community Theater of Neighbors of Faro and Matemurga from Buenos Aires, Argentina, shared the stage at Largo do Carmo, in Faro. There were more than two hundred people who watched and gave a standing ovation to the shows “Herido Barrio”, by Matemurga, and “Sai da Frente”, by the group Theater of Neighbors.

This cultural meeting was the culmination of a community theater project, started before the pandemic, which emerged from an invitation from Teatro das Figuras and the Municipality of Faro to Edith Scher, one of the world references of Community Theater.

The night of the 9th of April was marked by bringing together a large community in Largo do Carmo who attended two shows. The show “Herido Barrio” (Wounded Neighborhood) is a popular theater show, staged by Edith Scher, based on the stories of the residents of Villa Crespo (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and was performed by more than 30 neighbors – a show that reflects on the changes that have taken place in the neighborhood over time.

The show “Sai da Frente”, staged by Miguel Martins Pessoa and Diana Bernedo, musical coordination by Ilda Nogueira, tells, through a critical and poetic vision, the daily life of an Algarve community that is prevented from reaching the Beach of Faro, on any summer day.