Maritime Authority and Navy warn of worsening maritime agitation in mainland Portugal

Authorities warn that, under these conditions, the sea can easily reach apparently safe areas.

The forecast of the state of the sea points to a worsening of the maritime agitation on the west coast of mainland Portugal, from 12 pm today, Friday, February 00, until dawn on Sunday, February 18.

The sea wave will be characterized by a wave coming from the Northwest quadrant, with a significant height of four meters and a maximum height that can reach ten meters, with an average period varying between 12 and 14 seconds.

Medium intensity winds of up to 35 km/h are expected, with gusts of up to 75 km/h coming from the North quadrant.

Thus, the National Maritime Authority and the Navy alert the entire maritime community and the general population to the care to be taken both when preparing for a trip to the sea, and when they are at sea or in coastal areas.

They advise, in particular, to reinforce the mooring and keep a close watch on the moored and anchored vessels, avoid walks by the sea or in areas exposed to maritime agitation, such as the protection jetties of ports, cliffs or beaches, avoiding being surprised. by a wave.

Other recommendations include not practicing recreational fishing, especially near the cliffs and cliff areas that are often hit by the breaking waves, always bearing in mind that in these conditions the sea can easily reach apparently safe areas.

Due to this storm at sea, the IPMA had already placed the west coast under Orange Warning.