Will you vote early? Find out what the DGS recommendations are

Voters must bring their own pen

More than 315 voters who registered to vote in advance for the legislative can make their choices today, with health authorities recommending precautions such as wearing a surgical mask and using their own pen.

The use of a surgical mask or FFP2 mask, hand disinfection, maintaining the “recommended distance” while waiting for your turn to vote and using your own pen to vote are some of the measures recommended by the Directorate-General for Health to avoid contagion. by SARS-CoV-2.

Between last Sunday and Thursday, voters registered in the national territory were able to register to vote in advance at a polling station of their choice, on the mainland or in the Autonomous Regions, exercising their right one week before election day, 30 of January. Regardless of where you cast your vote, it will always count for the constituency where the voter is registered.

After identifying themselves to the chairman of the polling station, the voter receives a ballot paper and two envelopes, one white and one blue. The bulletin is placed in the white envelope and this in the blue envelope, which is sealed with a security sticker. The voter receives a duplicate of the sticker placed in the blue envelope, which serves as proof of the exercise of the right to vote.

According to data from the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI), more than 315 thousand voters registered in this modality, a number that was below the expectations of the Government, which designed a logistics so that about a million Portuguese could vote this Sunday. .

Those who signed up and cannot vote can still do so on the 30th.

In the previous legislative elections, in 2019, more than 50.000 voters voted in advance, a week before the elections, while in the 2021 presidential elections, already during the Covid-19 pandemic, 197.903 Portuguese people exercised their right a week before the date of the election.

In the middle of the electoral campaign, the prime minister and secretary general of the PS, António Costa, votes in Porto in the morning, as do at least four other leaders of candidate parties.

The parliamentary leader of the PCP and candidate of the CDU for the constituency of Évora, João Oliveira, has his vote scheduled for 8:30 am, in Évora.

In Lisbon, Rui Tavares, founder of Livre and head of the list for the Lisbon constituency, is expected to vote at 13:30 pm at the Rectory of the University of Lisbon, as will the spokesperson for the Alternative Socialist Movement (MAS) and candidate for Lisbon Renata Cambra, at 17:00.