Brisa to repave the A2 between Aljustrel and Messines

The company will also build new Colibri stores in service areas

The pavement of the A2 on the Aljustrel, Castro Verde, Almodôvar and São Bartolomeu de Messines sub-stretches will be rehabilitated, announced the Brisa Concession Rodoviária (BCR), which plans to invest 65 million euros in its motorway network in 2022.

Brisa also intends to carry out “widening works, pavement improvements, construction of new Colibri stores”, namely on the A2, as well as “modernization of equipment and major maintenance of its motorway network”.

The company's investment plan for next year “exceeds by 41% and 25% the investments made in the highways operated by Brisa Concesso Rodoviária in 2020 and 2021, respectively, being the highest in recent years”.