José Cortes donated the crib he built over 10 years to the Câmara de Lagos

Craftsman wants to ensure that his work can continue to be exhibited for years to come

José Cortes donated to the Câmara de Lagos the traditional nativity scene that he has been exhibiting and enriching for ten years, in what is already «a ritual of the Christmas festivities in Lagos»

With the offer of this collection, fruit of the artisan's patience, imagination and manual mastery, José Cortes aims to "ensure that the crib can continue to be displayed and visited during the Christmas season in the years to come", according to the Lacobrigense municipality.

And you won't have to wait long to see this representation of the birth of Jesus again, with hundreds of figures, buildings and details, some of them animated: from December 2nd until January 6th, the nativity scene will be on display and can be visited at the Center Cultural of Lagos.

To give you an idea, this crib has “275 figures of various characters, 368 animal figures, 38 small houses, in addition to mills, a church, a school, a bandstand, a daughter-in-law with a donkey, carts pulled by oxen, olive picking, tilling the land, washerwomen, sawmills, carpenters, barbers, scissors, blacksmiths, woodcutters, among other activities, some of which have already disappeared».

“All of this is complemented by ingenious and complex mechanisms that give movement, light and even water to the represented figures and scenes”, adds Câmara de Lagos.
These elements have been accumulated since 2011, the year in which the work began.

Ten years later, the author proposed to donate this estate, a proposal that was present at the last meeting of the municipal executive and not only accepted it, but “unanimously approved a vote of praise to José Henrique Figueiredo Cortes for his work and dedication».