Strike in transport with "massive adhesion" in the Next (Faro), but not in the rest of the Algarve

workers demand salary increase

Photo: Bárbara Caetano | Sul Informação

The adhesion to the strike in the road passenger transport was "massive" among the drivers of the Proxima, the urban transport service of Faro, but "little significant" in the rest of the region, he revealed to the Sul Informação Paulo Silva, coordinator of the Union of Road and Urban Transport Workers of Portugal (STRUP) in the Algarve.

According to the union, «Faro it is practically without urban transport”, since the adhesion to the strike, in the concessionaire of urban transport of this city, is “over 80%”.

“The adhesion was massive. Of all the workers, only three left and walked on the road», he assured.

Even so, in the rest of the Algarve, «membership was not significant and will be around 20%», said the union leader, who stresses that, in addition to the Next, the careers of Eva Transportes, Frota Azul and Translagos are at stake, all of them linked to the Barraqueiro Group.

Paulo Silva explains the low adherence with alleged "punishments" that companies have applied to workers who joined the strike on the 20th, namely "exchange of services and the placing in reserve of colleagues who have always been at the same time for a long time", the which will have demobilized many professionals.


Strike on Next in Faro


The Algarvian union leader explains that what is at stake is the increase in the base salary of drivers to "a minimum of 750 euros per month", so as to "maintain the difference that currently exists for the minimum wage".

At the moment, the basic salary of drivers is 700 euros, while the minimum wage is 665 euros, the latter being expected to rise to 705 euros.

Even before this strike is over, STRUP is already thinking about the next one, which «will be of two days and will take place later this month».

"I think that, with regard to the Next, it will again have great support because the workers really want this increase", he said.