Volunteers pick up half a ton of marine litter in two hours in the Arade estuary

Bulky waste and dead birds and fish were the main problem encountered.

In two hours, between 10:00 and 12:00 on Saturday, September 18, International Coastal Cleanup Day, a group of 25 volunteers collected half a ton of waste on the sand near Docapesca, in Arade Fishing Port, Parchal (Lagoa) .

The volunteers dug up "large amounts of plastic from the sand", removed "ropes and fishing nets from the rocks" and collected "bottles and plastic demijohns with liquid inside, glass, polystyrene boxes, cardboard, tires, clothing and masks, among others. others".

According to the Teia d'Impulsos association, which promoted the initiative alongside the Lagoa City Council, “one of the biggest problems in that area was revealed to be the amount of bulky waste and seagulls and dead fish in a full extension of sand”.

In total, 420 kg of plastic, 60 kg of glass and 7 kg of paper were collected.

Among the approximately 25 volunteers were employees of Teia D'Impulsos, responsible for the Municipality of Lagoa and Oceano Azul, namely its president Tiago Pitta e Cunha, as well as families, groups of friends and foreign tourists who wanted to join the cause.