Council of Ministers: «Jorge Sampaio was an unavoidable personality in Portuguese political life»

The death of Jorge Sampaio «constitutes an enormous loss for our country»

The Council of Ministers today approved, electronically, the decree declaring national mourning on September 11, 12 and 13, in honor of former President of the Republic Jorge Sampaio. State funeral ceremonies are decreed.

According to the statement from the Council of Ministers, «Jorge Sampaio he was an unavoidable personality in Portuguese political life. While still a student, he participated in the opposition to the Estado Novo dictatorship, having been one of the leaders of the academic crisis of 1962. As a citizen and lawyer, he defended several political prisoners and continued the struggle for the establishment of democracy in Portugal. After the 25th of April, he was a member of the Government, deputy and parliamentary leader, as well as president of the Lisbon City Council. He was also general secretary of the Socialist Party».

The communiqué adds that Sampaio “was President of the Republic between 1996 and 2006, having subsequently assumed high international responsibilities, including those of representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations for the Alliance of Civilizations and Special Envoy of the Secretary General of Nations United for the Fight Against Tuberculosis”.

“It has devoted special attention to multiple civic and humanitarian causes, including the foundation of the Global Platform in Support of Syrian Students. In his professional, civic, party and institutional roles, Jorge Sampaio has always distinguished himself by his deep democratic culture, social sensitivity, humanism, ethical sense, public service, constant commitment to Portugal and to all Portuguese people. He was also a firm supporter of European construction, multilateralism and international cooperation”, he adds.

The death of Jorge Sampaio «constitutes an enormous loss for our country. He always had a look of the future with dismay and determination, always trying to find a solution to the problems in a clear perspective of sustainability and durability».

"His life is a lesson for all, a moral and civic reference that time will not erase and that it is up to us all to keep alive", concludes the statement from the Council of Ministers.