Luís Carito's candidacy is said to be “constantly faced with situations of insult and defamation”

Coalition threatens with recourse to the courts and complaints to the Attorney General's Office, the National Elections Commission, the Ombudsman's Office, the General Inspectorate of Territory Administration and the Presidency of the Republic

The coalition «Portimão Mais Feliz», which has Luís Carito as a candidate for the City Council, says that it will not «tolerate any comment on issues that were the subject of investigation for seven years, which were judged by a collective of judges who unanimously decided on a total acquittal, on which the Public Prosecutor's Office, in its allegations, asked for the acquittal and the assistant in the process did not present any appeal, fully complying with the decision of the judiciary».

The application, which joins CDS, Nós, Cidadãos! and Aliança, refers, in its communiqué, to the references on detention (in 2013) and later indictment Luís Carito (and others), who was then vice president of the Portimão Chamber, elected by the PS, for several alleged crimes. the doctor came to be acquitted of all charges, as well as the remaining defendants. The acquittal, in fact, was requested by the prosecutor who had accused him.

In a statement, the coalition «Portimão Mais Feliz» stresses that «an unblemished acquittal means that no crime has been committed. No crime! There was no crime of elimination of evidence, no crime of corruption was committed, 1 cent was not used for his own benefit or that of third parties, which is well demonstrated by the candidate's way of life, who returned to his profession as a doctor and lived these 7 years of the sweat of his work, as he always did throughout his life».

«Says the popular wisdom that “whoever listens and doesn't feel, is not the son of good people!”. Candidate Luís Carito is the son of good people, his father, from the Algarve, born in Algoz, with a family spread throughout the Algarve, rose in life by his own effort, allowing for an ethical, moral and academic training for his son », they add.

Stressing that "the time has come to say enough is enough and put an end to attitudes that are not worthy of a democratic regime", the candidacy guarantees that "from today", "it will redouble its attention and, if it becomes aware of it again of the occurrence of any threat, pressure or provocation to any candidate or supporter, it will communicate all occurrences already registered and that may occur to the Attorney General's Office, to the National Elections Commission, to the Ombudsman, to the General Inspection of Administration of the Territory and to the Presidency of the Republic».

"From today, any comment or publication that refers to cases judged and that were the target of judicial acquittal, will immediately be subject to criminal prosecution," he also threatens.

“In politics everything is not fair! In politics it can't be anything. Character assassinations are also a criminal act, which must be duly penalized in any rule of law”, concludes the coalition “Portimão Mais Feliz”, in its communiqué.