Trio that assaulted vehicles along the beaches caught at a service station on the A2

The detainees were constituted as defendants

Three men, aged between 22 and 35 years old, suspected of theft in vehicles parked near beaches, in the municipalities of Albufeira and Vila do Bispo, were arrested this Sunday, June 20, at a service station on Highway No. 2 (A2 ).

According to the GNR, after investigation, the military managed to "locate and intercept the perpetrators of thefts" at this fuel pump.

During the action, a search of the vehicle was carried out, and various material from the thefts was seized.

In total, four mobile phones, three tablets, two laptops, a game console, a powerbank charger, two wireless headsets, six credit/debit cards, four passports, 47 packs of tobacco, various articles of clothing and 695 euros were seized. in cash.

The detainees were constituted as defendants and will be present today, June 22, at the Judicial Court of Albufeira, for the application of the coercive measures.