Teams from the Netherlands and Wales have chosen Lagos for an internship before Euro 2020

"Tranquillity" was one of the reasons for choosing the teams from these two countries

The Dutch and Welsh teams took an internship in Lagos, at the Cascade Wellness Resort, to prepare for Euro 2020. It was also in this hotel that the Dutch national team press conferences were held.

«With two and a half football fields (official FIFA measures), a gym and a Spa exclusively for players and coaches, the 63 team members from the Netherlands team and the 60 team members from Wales found the ideal place in Lagos to carry out its internship in preparation for the final phase of the UEFA Euro 2020”, highlights Cascade Resort.

Silvana Pombo, general director of the resort, considers that «the tranquility, the ability to organize in the context of football and respect for the client's privacy are factors that weighed in the choice of our Resort, and that has been our image for a long time. brand".

In addition, those responsible for the resort emphasize, «the protection and security measures adopted for this pandemic phase also boosted this decision-making process by both teams. During the teams' stays, the Cascade Wellness Resort's own staff remained in a bubble regime, staying permanently in the resort, and being tested regularly».

For Silvana Pombo, «in this pandemic context, receiving the confidence in our services from teams such as the Dutch national team and the Wales national team, as well as many other national and international teams, enshrines a continuous work that we have implemented in the segment. of football".

«Over the years we have sought to raise the bar and position ourselves as an excellent destination for these periods of particular sporting demand. It is for this reason with great pride that we have seen our work recognized by the great teams in Europe», concludes the responsible.