Lontra, Mermaid and Tailor went to schools in Lagoa in yet another PEEA|PARTe action

PEEA | PART brings an exclusive artistic education program, in an immersive regime and in a classroom context

The Aesthetic and Artistic Education Program (PEEA), of the Directorate-General for Education, through the PARTe projects, involved, during the last two weeks of May, more than 100 students and 20 teachers from the 2nd and 3rd cycles of the groupings of schools in Lagoa, in immersive actions of art and territory, which culminated in theater presentations to the community.

The presentations of the 7th D and 8th E groups of the ESPAMOL Group took place last Friday, May 28th, in the amphitheater of Carvoeiro, from the tale mermaid seixa on the formation of the conquiferous limestone cliffs on the municipality's beaches.



The presentations by the 5th A and 9th B classes of the Rio Arade Group took place a week earlier, on the 21st, at the Carlos do Carmo Auditorium, in Lagoa, based on the tales The Otter Bernardina das Fontes e Tailor, on material and intangible heritage of the municipality.


The stories are by Helena Tapadinhas: a Mermaid and Otter they are two of the ten Contos do Mago – geological narratives and paths, a mythology of geological creation in the Algarve, a book that was the pedagogical resource of the last thematic cycle of the Regional Program for Environmental Education through Art, PREAA, while Tailor received the Santos Stockler Literary Prize, from the municipality of Lagoa.

But it is as a PEEA ambassador, responsible for the implementation of the PART – Art and Territory projects in the pioneer municipalities of Silves, Lagoa and Monchique, that Helena Tapadinhas underlines: «during the PART week, students, teachers, trainers, technicians from the municipality they worked intensively for these final presentations, which are not shows, they are much more than that: they are key moments in the educational process, which is intended to be globalizing and transforming».

It is because, emphasizes Helena Tapadinhas, «artistic education aims at the integral formation of people and not to create artists. And more: these presentations are essential events because they promote the meeting of the community. The ties of belonging to the territory are strengthened. A taste for school, group spirit, autonomy, critical thinking, creativity, communication, expression is valued. They are citizenship».

For each PARTe project, there is an exclusive artistic education program, in an immersive regime and in a classroom context, led by a team of artist-pedagogues, and directed at a class and its teachers.

The team of pedagogue-artists in the municipality of Lagoa included the PEEA ambassador, as well as Rita Wengorovius, as PEEA trainer, specialist in Theater and Community and artistic director of Teatro Umano, and also Jorge Soares, local artist, puppet maker and stage director, of the theater D. Roberto – the Algarve.


«The PARTe methodology implies the participation of all; the script is built from the contributions of students, based on chorality, where all students are protagonists. Inclusion, equity, attention to difference, positive reinforcement, accountability, research and questioning are key words», explains Helena Tapadinhas.

Although the core of these projects is the experience of “immersing” in art education in the classroom context, PARTe include other educational actions before and after this week, such as oral storytelling sessions and landscape interpretation pedestrian routes .

The PARTe are developed in partnership with the Municipal Councils and with the Teacher Training Centers of the association of schools.