Productions from the National Theater D. Maria II return to Portimão

“Praça dos Heróis” will be on stage next Saturday, May 22, at 17:00

Photo: Filipe Ferreira

The Municipal Theater of Portimão (TEMPO) will receive the play “Praça dos Heróis” next Saturday, May 22, at 17 pm. Directed by David Pereira Bastos, this will be one of two productions by Teatro Nacional D. Maria II to be presented this semester in Portimão.

“On March 15, 1938, thousands of Austrians cheered Adolf Hitler on the Heldenplatz in Vienna, celebrating the Anschluss, the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany. 50 years later, on 4 November 1988, Thomas Bernhard's play with the same name, Heldenplatz (Heroes Square), premiered at the Burgtheater to mark the centenary of the historic Viennese theater, as well as the 50th anniversary of its annexation», he says. the Chamber of Portimão.

The play features actors Ana Sampaio and Maia, Bruno Simão, Manuel Coelho, Miguel Sopas, Paulo Pinto, Rita Loureiro, Sílvia Figueiredo and Tânia Alves.

Thomas Bernhard's text “reveals the historical whitening that allowed Austria to assume itself as the first victim of the III Reich, instead of a first ally”, where “it exponents the perception that the anti-Semitic policies and beliefs, of far right, even Nazis, are alive and present in Austria in 1988 as much or more than in 1938, as one of the
characters from the play», explains the Municipality of Portimão.

«At a time when populist and xenophobic policies, retrograde conservatism, assert themselves all over the world, from Europe to the United States of America, from Brazil to Arab and African countries, where consecutive new measures and policies seem to confirm a setback civilisation, political and social, it becomes urgent to return to Heroes Square».

After its premiere in Lisbon last year, the play is now on tour, passing through Portimão. This presentation takes place within the scope of the Eunice Ageas Network, the project for the dissemination of shows produced and co-produced by the Teatro Nacional.

The Eunice network will also bring to Portimão, this season, the play “Off”, on June 19, a staging by Jorge Andrade from “Dying” by Chris Thorpe.

The play “Death of a traveling salesman”, by Arthur Miller, initially scheduled for April, was postponed until 16 October. This piece is produced by Artistas Unidos, staged by Jorge Silva Melo.

Tickets for the three shows have a value of 10 euros, at online sale, at the TEMPO ticket office (Tuesday to Saturday, between 13:00 pm and 18:00 pm and on the nights of the show until the start of the show) and also at the usual participating venues.


Photo: Filipe Ferreira