Algarve Arrojamentos Network launches website and calls for help from citizens

There is also a 24-hour hotline.

Bold whale at Praia da Rocha – Photo: Sul Informação

The Algarve Arrojamentos Network (RAAlg) has already launched the your internet page and now calls for the participation of citizens, so that they can record their sightings of cetaceans (dolphins and whales) or sea turtles that run aground dead on the Algarve coast.

The National Arrojamentos Network is coordinated by the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF). However, at a regional level, the intention is to provide a quicker response to the occurrence of hurricanes and, therefore, local networks have been created under the coordination of other entities (Universities, NGOs).

Since October 2020, the University of Algarve has been developing a project, financed by the Environmental Fund, for the reactivation of a network of regional projects.

A RAAlg is made up of three biologists, dedicated to extracting as much information as possible from any cetacean or sea turtle that appears dashing off the coast of the Algarve.


The project entailed creating a strong image, strengthening links with various municipalities, sanitation companies, coastal patrol units and civil protection, and creating a quick-response alert management system.

It is in this context that the website, where any citizen can report the dead animals he finds on beaches and other coastal areas.

This new interface is intended to be a ready response and an optimized resource management by the team of biologists. Ana Marçalo, researcher at CCMAR and the University of Algarve and coordinator of the project, stresses that «the website is an important step in the development of participatory science».

"Every time a citizen registers a daring alert, it allows us to reach the animal in good time for observation, registration and collection of samples that substantiate the scientific investigation of protected marine wild species that are very difficult to access", adds the biologist.

In close articulation with ICNF, landfills and Captaincies, whose jurisdiction covers the coastline between Odeceixe and Vila Real de Santo António, RAAlg enjoys space and infrastructure for a laboratory and necropsy room at the Marim Environmental Education Center , at Quinta de Marim, as a result of a partnership established with the Ria Formosa Natural Park.

Besides responsive page, which allows logging of alerts, RAAlg also has an emergency line (968 688 233) available 24/7.


Photos: RAAlg