Pastor of Tavira recalls Covid-19's "serious situation" in the municipality and asks for responsibility

With 197 active cases and an increase in infections caused by two outbreaks - in a home and in a gym -, Tavira "faces a serious situation"

Photo: Flávio Costa | Sul Informação - File

Father Miguel Neto, parish priest of Tavira, recalled, in a message released this Friday, January 1, the "serious situation" experienced in the county, due to the increase in cases of Covid-19, asking for responsibility to "comply with behaviors that prevent the spread of the disease'. 

On World Peace Day, which marks the 1st of January, the parish priest of Tavira recalled that “the need for peace exists in all parts of the world” – and not only where there are armed conflicts, such as Africa, Asia or Latin America.

“Peace is not a theoretical concept: it is a concept that materializes in our actions and attitudes, that materializes in our individual and community life and the Western lifestyle is not a lifestyle marked by peace, contrary to what we can think. This year has taught us precisely that: a small gesture of ours, a small failure of ours can cause a multitude of problems for others around us, who share life in the same city as us. It can endanger peace or even put an end to it», reads the message.

With 197 active cases and an increase in infections caused by two outbreaks - in a home and a gym -, Tavira “is facing a serious situation”.

“We think that we all behave properly and carefully, but if we did, we wouldn't be suffering and living with such sad numbers related to the pandemic. This shows that our behavior has an influence on the lives of others, on social peace, on the way we live in society. The Christian's obligation is not his individual experience of Faith, but his community experience, translated into concrete acts in favor of his neighbor and this implies concern for the common good, with peace, with true peace,” says the priest. Miguel Neto.

“It is, therefore, the time when we must seek to promote tranquility among ourselves and implement gestures that guarantee that we are all capable of respecting others, of giving them security, of complying with behaviors that prevent the spread of this disease. We should not be concerned about the instantaneousness of a firework, which no one remembers the next day, but an inner commitment, generating a brief and perennial attitude, which can make the other person not sick, perish and remain among us, contributing to the eternity of our people. It is essential to follow the directions of the health authorities», he adds.

The parish priest's appeal is, therefore, that we all “be true builders of peace, of the peace that protects and cares, the peace that will guarantee us smiles and celebrations in the future, because we will all be fine now and we can return to hugs and sharing of affections and moments».

“I pray, asking Santa Maria, which is being celebrated today, and St. John, patron saint of Tavira, to help us, but above all to make us aware that our prayer must have a concrete practical result, a change of attitude, looking at our lives and thinking that now, at this moment, the best thing for the common good is not to party in large groups, not go to dinners, wear masks, disinfect our hands, maintain social distance, be responsible and build the authentic peace,” concludes the priest's message.