Docapesca launches “Lota em Casa” website to help consumers

Through the GPS location, the new website presents all the points of sale that adhere to the CCL

Docapesca launched today the site "Lota em Casa", which allows the final consumer to identify the sales places of fresh fish originating from the Portuguese auctions, in each region, including municipal markets, fishmongers, large supermarkets and short circuits for the sale of fish (baskets).

Through the GPS location, the new site presents all the points of sale that adhere to the CCL – Proof of Purchase in Auction near our homes, also providing a feature that allows the user to increase the search radius up to 100 kilometers.

The guarantee of origin is given through the CCL label – Proof of Purchase at Auction, which indicates to the consumer that they are purchasing fish caught by national vessels on the Portuguese coast, which adopts the traceability rules required by law, respecting the seasonality of each species and the established fishing quotas, preserving the stocks fish farms.

The CCL and the site "Lota em Casa" they aim to contribute to the promotion of healthy eating using fresh and local products and, consequently, to the valorization of Portuguese fish and to increase the income of fishing professionals.

The “Lota em Casa” also publicizes the existing fish baskets in our country (basket of fish e Frescomar basketFuzeta fishermen), which consumers can join to buy fresh fish of high quality and excellent quality/price ratio directly from local fishermen associations, valuing small-scale artisanal fishing. The baskets are made of fish ready to cook (scaled and gutted), varied, fresh and in season.

The site also features fish recipes and information on the main species on the Portuguese coast, contents that will be regularly updated and expanded.

This Docapesca project is part of the current Simplex 2020/2021 program.

Docapesca – Portos e Lotas SA is a company of the State Business Sector under the responsibility of the Ministry of the Sea, which is responsible, on the continent, for the service of the first sale of fish and support to the fishing sector and respective ports, with 22 auctions and 37 posts.