Câmara de Albufeira bets on the «total recovery» of the Jardim de Montechoro

Work in the also known as "Jardim dos Marriages" will be ready by the end of the year

The Montechoro Garden, «one of the most emblematic green areas in Albufeira», will be the target of works aimed at its «total recovery», which should be completed by the end of the year, announced the City Council.

The rehabilitation of this green space, located at the top of Avenida Sá Carneiro, will cost around 300 euros and will start soon.

"The intervention will focus essentially on the lake, which will be endowed with effects of great visual impact, improving accessibility, planting new plant species, replacing the pavement and placing new urban equipment, including lighting", according to autarchy.

With regard to the lake, "which is currently without water, fish and turtles (temporarily placed in another garden in the city until the work is finished)", the water effects system that has been obsolete for several years will be "totally replaced ».

«With a view to making possible the coexistence between the effects of water and animal life, without forgetting the playful character of the place, known by many as the “Garden of Weddings”, the implementation of simple water effects composed of bubbling jets and micronizations is foreseen illuminated with color – effects of great visual impact, especially at night – which reinforce the festive character of the equipment», added the City Council of Albufeira.

Existing trees “will be maintained” and the entire green area “will be reinforced” with the planting of new tree species. «At the same time, it is planned to install new urban furniture, namely drinking fountains, picnic tables, benches and lighting».

José Carlos Rolo, mayor of Albufeira, explains that this garden «is part of the identity of one of the main tourist areas of the city and the memories of several generations of people from Albufeira, who over the years have chosen the place to mark one of the best days. of their lives, namely as a privileged setting for the most beautiful wedding photos».

«In addition, it is the image of the city that stands to gain, with a fully rehabilitated space, and it should be noted that in the execution of the project there was a huge concern to maintain the cohesion of the existing urban fabric, specifically at the level of buildings and surrounding landscape”, added the mayor from Albufeirense.

This is a space that, according to the Chamber, was “very degraded”. But, after the intervention it will be targeted, “it will contribute to improving the quality of life of the population, which in this way recovers an iconic space for leisure and socializing, now with the advantage of being a fully inclusive garden, complying with all the rules currently defined by existing mobility legislation'.


Photos: Albufeira Town Hall