Monchique reimburses part of the costs of sterilization of dogs and cats in the municipality

Sterilization aims to reduce the number of stray animals

Monchique Abandoned Animal Collection Center – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação - file

Monchique is promoting a campaign to sterilize pets, cats and dogs, whose owners reside in the municipality (individual holders or associations).

All citizens can apply for sterilization support, with a partial reimbursement of the amount spent on this operation, as long as it takes place until November 30th. There are special conditions for animals from needy families in the county.

The support to which this program refers is 55 euros for the sterilization of bitches, 30 euros for the sterilization of dogs, 35 euros for the sterilization of cats and 15 euros for the sterilization of cats. In total, the Chamber proposes to reimburse citizens up to a total of 15 thousand euros.

To access this program, residents in Monchique just need to apply at Balcão Único – Espaço do Cidadão in the Paços do Concelho building or via email [email protected] . It is also necessary to deliver or send the following documentation: pet identification document (DIAC), with the registered sterilization declaration (issued by the veterinarian); proof of residence of the applicant in the municipality of Monchique (for example: bill for water, electricity or residence certificate issued by the Parish Council) and proof of IBAN.

Rui André, mayor of Monchique, points out that this campaign assumes “special relevance in animal welfare, thus also combating the abandonment and the increase in stray animals, a consequence of this abandonment”.

The mayor believes that municipalities should promote the sterilization of animals, as such investment "will be a truly effective measure in combating abandonment, and should therefore be a priority, in order to assert our territory as a promoter of true policies to protect the animals, following what we have done so far».

Rui André adds that “unfortunately and the problem of stray animals is far from being solved”, even with these sterilization campaigns. "There must be a more effective inspection of all dogs, ensuring that all have electronic identification duly registered, as well as the inspection and control of breeding sites and dog trade must be strengthened," he argues.

At the same time, says the mayor of Monchique, «it is also necessary to invest in education, in order to raise awareness of issues such as animal rights, penalties for abandonment and mistreatment, adoption of animals from kennels/collection centers , as well as clarifications on conscious adoption, actions for which the Municipality of Monchique has defined an integrated and ongoing strategy».

The municipality of Monchique has been a pioneer in issues related to the welfare of domestic animals, as is the case of the “Animal Seguro” program for the rescue of animals in situations of natural disasters.

O Environment Minister João Pedro Matos Fernandes recently visited the county, in recognition of the work carried out by this municipality in the area of ​​animal welfare, having visited the new animal collection centre.






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