Dwarf whale that came to the coast dead has already been removed from Praia da Rocha [with video]

Animal was transported to the Windward Sanitary Landfill

The dwarf whale that, on the afternoon of this Tuesday, the 20th of October, it reached the coast already dead, next to the Praia da Rocha jetty, has already been removed and taken to the Windward Sanitary Landfill.

The operation was conducted by the Maritime Police and the Municipal Civil Protection of Portimão. Second told the Sul Informação Commander Gonzalez do Paço, captain of the Port of Portimão, had to wait for the tide to come down to ensure conditions for the crawler and truck to operate in the sand.

The cetacean is a dwarf whale "between 9 and 10 meters", which, according to commander Rodrigo Gonzalez dos Paços, "must have died a few days ago, because it's already a little pink".





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