Fóia Air Force Station received a lecture on alcohol, drug and gambling addiction

Initiative aims to raise awareness of the consequences of addictive behaviors

​UTITA (Intensive Treatment and Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Unit) was «recently» at the Air Force's Radar Station No. 1, in Fóia, in Monchique, for an action to raise awareness about the consumption of alcohol, illicit substances and addictive behavior to gambling .

The lecture, given by Second Lieutenant Nicole Fernandes, a nurse specializing in mental health and psychiatry, «took place under the implementation of the UTITA's Primary Prevention Program, as part of the Prevention Program for Addictive Behaviors and Combating Dependencies in the Armed Forces , which can be given in person, or using videoconference», explains the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

The objective of the initiative is to «sensitize and inform the civilian and military personnel of the Armed Forces about the consequences of addictive behaviors, promoting the early detection and reference of the consumption of psychoactive substances and minimizing the impact in an operational and work context».