Castro Marim invites you to an "End of Afternoon on Salt"

Initiative makes known «the best salt in the world»

Enjoying an "End of Afternoon on Salt" in the salt pans of the Sapal de Castro Marim and VRSA Nature Reserve, and, at the end, taking home some of the salt produced there is the suggestion of the Castromarinense Chamber for the 17th and 24th of August .

The Castro Marim Chamber, which organizes the event, invites the public to “a unique experience”, which consists of a “different evening, where you can learn, taste, harvest and take the “best salt in the world”».

Those interested in participating will have to register by the 13th, through the number 281 510 747 or email [email protected]. Each session has a maximum limit of eight participants.

The meeting point is at Asa do Sal, on August 17th and 24th, at 17:45 pm.

«This initiative is part of a strategy to enhance and promote this product, which is one of the ex-libris of Castro Marim. Providing this contact of proximity and familiarization, it hopes to increase and boost the marketing of local products in the tourist chain. About 2 months ago Castro Marim was also able to see the name “Sal and Flor de Sal de Castro Marim” (DOP – Protected Designation of Origin) legally protected”, according to the Chamber of Castro Marim.

Over the years, the Municipality of Castro Marim has been involved and promoted several different actions for the revitalization of the salt industry, «based on the principle that it is a unique and distinct product, from the formation of salt workers to actions of a specific nature. promotional and even for the production of the documentary “Os Dias do Sal”, by Ivan Dias, which translates the deep connection of the salt exploration to the identity of the Castro region».

The “Fim de Tarde ao Sal” is an action organized by the Municipality of Castro Marim and Associação Odiana, integrated in the Bandeira Azul 2020 program and framed in the candidacy “Patrimónios de Castro Marim: Valorization and Promotion of Local Producers and Endogenous Products”, with reimbursement by PO CRESC 2020, PADRE project, supported by Portugal and the European Union, 70% co-financed by the FEDER.