Loulé Creative awarded with the National Handicraft Award

Prize awarded by the IEFP

The Municipality of Loulé was distinguished with the 2019 National Handicraft Award, in the “Promotion for Public Entities” category, with the Loulé Creative project.

This award, awarded by the IEFP – Institute for Employment and Professional Training, recognizes the work of public entities or bodies in favor of arts and crafts, translated into projects, programs, campaigns or initiatives for valorization and promotion.

The Municipality of Loulé was distinguishedp for its «significant contribution to the dissemination and promotion of endogenous and local products, as well as the mission to promote the economic, social and cultural development of the territory», stresses the Loulé Town Council in a press release.

Loulé Criativo is a project that focuses on enhancing the territory's identity through creativity and innovation. It promotes the revitalization of cultural heritage, traditional arts, crafts and design, developing an annual dynamic program of activities, experiences, exhibitions, creative residencies, workshops and training.

“To all employees, partners, artisans, designers and the general public, we thank you very much. Only with everyone's contribution is it possible to develop this project, which, we believe, makes a difference in the promotion of handicrafts, in supporting artisans and in the integration of innovation that is so necessary for the preservation of arts and crafts”, stress the municipal officials.


The artisans of Loulé Criativo