Alexandra Gonçalves is the godmother of the candidacy of the Festa da Pinha ao 7 Maravilhas

First regional final takes place this Monday in Monchique

Alexandra Rodrigues Gonçalves will be the godmother of the Festa da Pinha candidacy for the edition of the 7 Wonders of Popular Culture. The former regional director of Culture accepted the invitation of the Chamber of Faro, who presented the Estoi party's candidacy for the contest.

Alexandra Rodrigues Gonçalves is a professor at the University of Algarve, where she currently directs the School of Management, Hospitality and Tourism. Among several other responsibilities, she has already performed the functions of councilor with the responsibility of culture in the Chamber of Faro (2009/2013) and regional director of culture for the Algarve (2013/2018).

It is up to the godmother of the candidacy "to defend the Pinha Festival, a centuries-old tradition to which it is particularly linked", explains the Chamber of Faro.

According to the local authority, the researcher Laura Carlos will also have "an important role", since "she will be responsible for the exhibition of objects representing the candidate's heritage".

Laura Carlos has a degree in Design from the University of Algarve and a Master's in Cultural Management from the University of Algarve, with a dissertation entitled “Cultural Manifestation – Changes over time, Case Study – Festa da Pinha” (2011-2013).

Marco Lopes, director of the Municipal Museum of Faro, José António Jerónimo, president of the União das Freguesias de Conceição and Estoi, «and popular representatives of the party».

The Municipality of Faro he nominated the Festa da Pinha to the 7 Wonders of Popular Culture in the “Processions and Pilgrimages” category.

De Faro, there is another finalist candidacy, that of Charolas de Bordeira, submitted by Sociedade Recreativa Bordeirense and sponsored by the Algarve musician Domingos Caetano.

The first regional final of the competition takes place this Monday, in Monchique, with live broadcast on RTP throughout the day.

In addition to the two candidacies from Faro, the medronho distillery (Monchique), the copper cataplana, the Festa da Espiga and the Mãe Soberana, all from Loulé and the Procession of Aleluia (São Brás de Alportel) are also regional finalists.

The winner of each region, which passes to the next stage, is decided by popular vote, using a telephone number.

The numbers you must call to select your favorite Wonder of Popular Culture are available here.