Resort workers have not been paid since March and "have no money to buy food"

Workers will demonstrate in front of Vilanova Resort on June 23

About 40 workers at Vilanova Resort, in Albufeira, have only received half of their March salary and some «have no money to buy food or pay house rent, loans, among other commitments», denounced the Union of Hotelaria do Algarve.

In addition, according to the union, "the company is trying to fire some workers and others are receiving letters telling them to stop reporting to the service."

The workers "are going through many difficulties and not knowing what to do as they have no contact with their employer, claiming that they were abandoned to their fate without any explanation", he adds.

On June 23, at 15:00 pm, the workers will gather in front of the development to demand payment of overdue wages. Isabel Camarinha, secretary general of the CGTP will also be present at this event.
The workers will gather in front of the project on the 23rd of June, at 15:00, to denounce the situation and demand the payment of their arrears.

At 15:30 a press conference will be held at the venue to take stock of the situation. The Secretary General of the CGTP-IN, Isabel Camarinha, will also be present.