Street street markets are once again taking place in Loulé and Quarteira

Various health security measures will be imposed

The itinerant food markets in Loulé, on Saturdays, and in Quarteira, on Wednesdays, are back in operation, albeit with strict health safety rules, announced the City Council of Loulé.

"The intention is to resume economic activity with the guarantee of maximum security, both for buyers and operators and, in this sense, we will channel resources and human resources so that it is possible to gradually return to normality, without putting in causes the work done so far in combating the spread of the new coronavirus», summarized Vítor Aleixo, president of the Loulé Chamber.

Yesterday, the first street market took place, «where many local producers come to sell fruit, vegetables, sausages, cheeses and others», in the county seat, after the suspension of this type of initiatives, as a way to combat the spread of Covid-19, announced the Loulé Chamber.

On Wednesday, the 20th, the same will happen in Quarteira.



To «ensure that buyers and sellers have maximum health security, mitigating a possible spread of the virus», Loulé Concelho Global is imposing several rules, from this return to activity.

Operators will have, from the outset, “must use a mask and/or a visor, as well as an alcohol solution (gel or liquid), when carrying out their commercial activity”.

With regard to the market that takes place weekly next to the Municipal Market of Loulé, «the spaces reserved for each operator will be relocated, in order to guarantee 2,5 meters of distance between stalls, thus extending the market to Praça da República».

«All accesses to the stores around the Market will be unobstructed and without operators in the vicinity», describes the City Council of Loulé.

“In this space, there will be a permanent awareness-raising action at the north entrance of Praça da República, promoted by the Municipal Civil Protection Service. In the precinct there will also be information panels with the recommendations of the General Directorate of Health», he added.

During the 16th and 23rd of May, operators “will have training promoted by a Hygiene and Food Safety technique in order to reinforce safe behavior in the marketing of products”.

Waste containers will also be placed at the main entrances to the Loulé Market for the disposal of masks and gloves for customers/visitors. The restrooms located in Cerca do Convento will be available for use by operators between 6:00 am and 15:00 pm.

"After the completion of the market, on Saturday afternoon, this area will be subject to a reinforced cleaning and disinfection carried out by the health services of the Municipality," said the municipality.

In Quarteira, in the traditional weekly market for fruit, vegetables and other foodstuffs, «many of these measures are required, and the Parish Council of Quarteira, the entity responsible for managing the space, decided to separate the vendors into two groups that will mark presence on a rotating basis, so that it is possible to comply with the rules of social distancing», revealed the Chamber of Loulé.

Also in this precinct “there will be an awareness campaign and vendors will wear a mask and/or a visor and will have to disinfect their hands while during their activity”.