Registration is open for restaurants to participate in the «100 years 100 flavors» in Portimão

Interested parties can register until June 15th

«100 years 100 flavors» is the name of the new gastronomic adventure, this time only in Portimão and its municipality, promoted by the Teia D'Impulsos association, over the course of a month, from the 13th of September to the 13th of October.

This «true gastronomic tour of “100 Flavors” of the Algarve» is the association's way of marking 100 years of Portimão's elevation to city status, which will be celebrated throughout 2024.

In addition to the city itself, the event also involves the parishes of Alvor and Mexilhoeira Grande.

Consumption of each menu prepared especially for this tour is available upon presentation of the Guide (1,5 euros), which interested parties purchase in advance, containing all the information on “100 Years 100 Flavors”.

Each participating establishment chooses to present a menu in one of the following categories: Chef Menu (15 euros), Tasting Menu (10 euros) and Sweet Menu (4 euros). In the case of the Chef Menu (reputed professional in the area) and the Tasting Menu, both include starter, dish and drink.

Teia D'Impulsos is currently accepting applications from restaurants in the Municipality until the 15th of June.

Basta access the Regulation, fill in Registration form available online and pay the registration fee that covers the costs of publicizing the initiative.

The Association claims to be «also available to present itself, in person, at establishments and explain how everything happens». To clarify any doubts, you can access the website or contact the organization via email [email protected] or telephone 910 174 814.

«Join this tribute to our city and get to know it even better through taste»: this is the challenge launched to residents and visitors.