Associação de Músicos puts artists live on Facebook from home

The show will have music, theater and poetry coming "from the artists' homes to everyone's home"

Artists from the Recreational and Cultural Association of Musicians (ARCM) will star in the solidarity event “Abril em Casa”, today, Saturday, from 18:50 pm, live on the association's Facebook page.

Those who join this show will be able to enjoy music, theater and poetry coming "from the artists' houses to everyone's homes".

With this initiative, the Musicians of Faro intend to help, by raising donations for ARCM, «the many musicians, actors, poets, technicians, all those who somehow live in the performing arts, in their great part precarious, and who find themselves in a more difficult economic situation », due to the restrictions caused by the fight against Covid-19.

One of the many events that had to be canceled due to the pandemic and the state of emergency it caused.

«The ARCM had scheduled for this April 4th, in the middle of a declared state of emergency, the 30th anniversary party, with several invited artists, bands and musicians from the national panorama, including Ena Pá 2000».

Although this party has been postponed “for days to come, when social distancing is no longer a rule”, the association did not want to stop holding an event that could give its artists a chance.

This will be, moreover, «the first of the several initiatives that the association intends to promote, in order to give support to the artists who saw their way of subsistence impeded, in a time of pandemic», according to the ARCM.