Campaign collects protection material for NHS professionals in the Algarve

The entire population is invited to help in whatever way they can

It started now, but it has no end date. O Algarve Biomedical Center (ABC) has launched a campaign to raise Personal Protective Equipment and money to purchase it, in order to help NHS professionals fight the Covid-19 outbreak, and is calling on society at large to make its contribution .

“People can contribute their own material and give it to us or tell us where we can get it. They can also contribute financially, for us to acquire material», he explained to Sul Informação Nuno Marques, director of ABC.

«Anyone who wants to deliver can do so either on the Penha campus or on the Gambelas campus of the University of Algarve, in Faro. Just leave it at the gate in our care, and it will come to us», he added.

And what material is being ordered? Anyone who can help protect healthcare professionals who are dealing directly with patients with Covid-19.

Check the list: Surgical masks (laces or elastics); FFP 2 and 3 masks; Disinfectants; waterproof gowns; Gloves; Visors, Glasses with side protection; Footwear protections; Leggings; and waterproof suits.

Those who do not have material to offer and want to help can contribute money by transferring the amount they wish to the account with IBAN PT50 0035 0303 0010 5008 1303 1, identifying their name and contact details.

Any doubts can be made through the numbers 916 545 979 and 964 392 912, as well as the emails [email protected] and [email protected] or from page on Facebook do Algarve Biomedical Center.



“This is a need that exists and will continue. This is not something one-off, just for the next few days. This type of equipment will be greatly missed in the near future», warned Nuno Marques.

In this way, “the campaign will last as long as this crisis and the coronavirus pandemic remain. It is essential that we protect our healthcare professionals».

“We have already received some donations, something we are very grateful for. we had very good support from the Algarve Chambers and some private entities», stressed the director of ABC.

Among the contributions that have arrived from the private sector are the of Sporting Clube Farense, who donated 100 thousand euros to this cause, and the festival promoters Rolling Loud Portugal and Afro Nation.

However, the Algarve Biomedical Center has already started to acquire medical equipment. “We have been picking up the material outside Europe. The usual suppliers that we had in the country and at European level are all without capacity. We are picking up Macao and China. Macau now belongs to China, but it is still very much ours, there is still a great connection».

"We are completely receptive to any help, which is always welcome and which will be all directed to combat the crisis and to the National Health Service, as well as all means of the ABC", concluded Nuno Marques.


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