Rolling Loud Portugal and Afro Nation festivals donate funds to Centro Biomédico do Algarve

The donation will help to purchase new ventilation machines, self-protection materials for medical teams and support the Algarve region in particular.

Festival promoters Rolling Loud Portugal e afro nation made a contribution to help finance new ventilation machines and self-protection materials for the medical staff of the Algarve hospitals, helping the local population to combat the current Coronavirus crisis. Both festivals should take place in July at Praia da Rocha.

This donation “parts of the awareness of the impacts inherent to the Covid-19 pandemic and of how this virus is affecting the world”, explain the promoters of the two festivals.

The contribution of these funds will be managed by the Centro Biomédico do Algarve (ABC), a consortium between the University of the Algarve and local public hospitals, with the aim of improving safety throughout the region.

ABC has already closed deals with international suppliers and hopes to have the medical devices available in the Algarve in the coming days. In articulation with various public and governmental entities, the ABC has teams in the field, developing actions that include a call center, carrying out Covid tests, updating information to health professionals and supporting local tourism.

Events Director Obi Asika of Event Horizon explains: “Although our industry is going through difficult times, it is our social obligation to help the Algarve region and its people. We want to continue promoting our events in Portimão in July. If we all do our part, we will be able to overcome this difficult moment and restore confidence».

"Hopeful that the current situation will be reversed by the time the events take place," Event Horizon says it continues "to make plans to provide an incredible experience and support many small local businesses."

With the two events, more than 50 million euros are estimated to be injected into the local economy. “This value will be of enormous importance for the tourism industry in Portimão and for all the surrounding areas”, conclude the organizers of the two festivals.