Tara and Sylvain Bongard show “The Return of Nature” in Monchique

Exhibition brings together ceramic stoneware sculptures

The exhibition “The Return of Nature”, by Tara and Sylvain Bongard, will be on the “water patent” from Friday, the 14th, at Largo dos Chorões, in Monchique.

The collection of sculptures that will be on display «has the objective of sensitizing the observer to a possible harmony between nature and human beings».

All pieces are hand molded in ceramic stoneware and fired at a temperature of 1300 degrees centigrade.

“This last decade has been of great importance for the precarious balance of the planet due to non-positive actions by man. However, great opportunities for saving planet earth appear on the horizon, due not only to science and intelligence, but also to the incomparable power of recovery that animal and plant life possess», describes the Monchique City Council.

“The sculptures on display try to demonstrate, in an original and unconventional way, these events”, adds the municipality.