Ana Moura and Rita Guerra are highlights of the Mostra Silves Capital da Laranja

Show that promotes the brand Silves Capital da Laranja

The performances of Rita Guerra (14th), Ana Moura (15th) and De Moda Em Moda (16th) are highlights of the fourth edition of the Silves Capital da Laranja Show, which will take place from February 14th to 16th, in that city .

Dozens of exhibitors linked to citrus, wine, agriculture, regional products, sweets, handicraft and gastronomy, as well as some associations and local and regional entities will be present at the event, which will open at 10:00 am on the 14th.

In this exhibition, which promotes the brand Silves Capital da Laranja, another cycle of conferences will take place, where national and international experts will debate central themes for citrus production and producers.

Cocktails will also return, with the “Orange Cocktail Festival 2020”. Another highlight is the well-known and customary Marcha dos Namorados, a sporting activity that is part of the march-race calendar in the Algarve and will be part of the event's programme.

«To highlight the citriculture that takes place in the municipality of Silves, its producers and the issues that matter for the improvement of this sector» is, according to the Municipality of Silves, the main objective of the exhibition “Silves Capital da Laranja”, which had the its first edition in February 2017.

The event has a partnership with the Algarve Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries, University of Algarve, Algarve Tourism Region, Silves School Group and Silves-South School Group. They are media partners of the event: Jornal Barlavento, Terra Ruiva and Rua FM.



FRIDAY, February 14th

10:00 am Official Opening of the Event
11:15 am Visit to the Silves Capital da Orange Show
14:00 pm Presentation of the Orange Route
14:30 pm “Laranja XXI” Conference (see its own programme) | auditorium
15:30 pm Performances by Young Talents | Stage 2
19:30 pm Musical Performances by the Lifelong Education Poles | Stage 2
22:00 RITA GUERRA | stage 1
23:30 pm Closing of the Show

SATURDAY, February 15th

10:00 am Opening of the Event
11:00 Batucada Club – Casa Povo São Bartolomeu de Messines | stage 2
14:00 “Orange Cocktail Festival 2020” – Cocktail Contest organized by the Algarve Bartenders Association | stage 2
14:30 pm Thematic presentations related to Citriculture | auditorium
>>14:30 – Fertilization in Citrus Fruit | Company: Messinagro : Fertinagro Portugal – Fertilizantes, Lda. | Speakers: Frederico Santos / Sandra G. Custódio
>>15:00 – “Nanotechnology and environmental respect in the protection and nutrition of citrus fruit” | Company: Biostasia, Projetos e Serviços de Engenharia, Lda. | Speakers: Eng. Carlos Gabirro / Francisco Oliveira
>>15h30 – “Biotechnology in Citrus Fruit” | Company: Sulscala | Speaker: Eng. Pedro Leal (Trichodex)
>>16:00 – “Applications of disease models in the plant health of citrus fruits” | Company: Aquagri | Speaker: Eng. Lopo de Carvalho
14:30 pm STAM Dance Association | stage 2
22:00 ANA MOURA | stage 1
24:00 pm Closing of the Show

SUNDAY, February 16th

10:00 am Opening of the Event
10:00 am Start of the Marcha dos Namorados (concentration by the Municipal Swimming Pools)
11:00 Percussion Orchestra – Percutunes | stage 2
11:30 am Arrival of the Marcha dos Namorados – Stretching | stage 1
14:30 pm Youth Band of the Silvense Philharmonic Society | stage 2
15:00 pm Rancho Folclorico do Algoz | stage 2
15:30 pm Choir Group “The Harvesters of Tunis” | stage 2
16:00 Folklore Ranch of SB Messines | stage 2
16:30 FASHION IN FASHION | stage 1
18:00 pm Closing of the Show