New Tavira fish auction to be built in Quatro Águas

The new auction was to be built in the same place where it used to be, next to Mercado da Ribeira, but Docapesca decided to change its location

The new Tavira fish auction will be built in Quatro Águas and the works should start in 2020, he revealed to the Sul Informação Docapesca – Ports and Auctions.

The publicly-owned company had started, in October 2018, a Rehabilitation work on the old Tavira fish market, which was located next to the Mercado da Ribeira and Porto de Pesca, but decided not to proceed with the construction of a new building in that location, despite what was planned.

«The first phase of the contract corresponded to the demolition of the existing building and the creation of foundations for the reconstruction of the building. After the demolition, it was found that the soil did not meet the necessary conditions for the immediate construction of the foundations, and surveys were carried out to adjust to the initial project», revealed Docapesca, in response to questions raised by our newspaper.

Second revealed to Sul Informação city ​​source, it was found that it would be necessary to place two structures to stabilize the land that “cost 200 thousand euros each”. This was when the original work, as a whole, was budgeted at around 400 euros.

While studying a way to adapt the project to the new reality, both the population and the City Council informed the company that the demolition of the old auction had brought “aesthetic benefits” and contributed to “the ordering of the city's urban front”. In this way, they suggested "that the auction building should be relocated to Quatro Águas, next to the old sandpit".


Location where the old auction of Tavira was located – Photo: Nuno Costa | Sul Informação


«Knowing this position, Docapesca consulted fishermen, their association representatives and traders about the possibility of such relocation. There was total agreement, since the Quatro Águas site has better road access, more parking for traders and more adequate maritime-fluvial access», added Docapesca.

The change in plans and the environmental framework of the site chosen for the construction of the new auction in Tavira forced the company that manages the auction houses and the Portuguese ports to consult entities such as the Municipality of Tavira, the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission, the Portuguese Environment Agency – ARH Algarve and the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests.

“Once the opinions and contributions of each entity have been obtained, the contracting of the execution project for the Lot of Quatro Águas will now proceed”, he said.

"It is expected that the investment in this new location, starting in 2020, will exceed the 400 thousand euros with which the rehabilitation of Lota de Tavira had been awarded," said Docapesca.

However, the company continues, the Câmara de Tavira has already shown its openness to "contribute to the landscaping and connection to the sanitation infrastructure".

Currently, the unloading of fish, in Tavira, takes place in Santa Luzia.


Photos: Nuno Costa|Sul Informação