Solidarity gesture gives new incubator to Hospital de Faro

Incubator is a Giraffe Omnibed, from the General Elétric brand

Photo: Pablo Sabater | Sul Informação (file)

The Neonatology service of the hospital of Faro has, since July 29, a new incubator, offered by a benefactor. The device cost 18020 euros and the goal is now to launch a new campaign to buy another one. 

The challenge was launched in November last year by the Algarve association Nascer Prematuro, which even organized a solidarity gala at Teatro Lethes.

A benefactor ended up covering the entire value of the incubator, leaving "some money to buy another, simpler and cheaper", he told the Sul Informação, Elsa Silva, from Nascer Prematuro.

Now, to thank you for purchasing the much-desired equipment, the association will organize a snack, on November 17th, with the collaboration of the University Hospital Center of the Algarve (CHUA). There will be activities and attractions for families and for children who were born prematurely.

In addition, a "new campaign to raise another 6000 euros for the acquisition of another incubator" will be launched, announced Elsa Silva.

In the Algarve, according to data from this association, 3749 babies were born last year, of which 176 were premature, weighing less than 35 weeks and weighing 1,5 kg.

Moreover, last August, the lack of incubators meant that a pregnant woman had to be transferred from the hospital in Faro to Lisbon. the baby would eventually die.