FATACIL kicked off with minister, Xutos and great flood

Today is Calema day


The opening of this year's edition of FATACIL had as a guest the minister of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development, Luís Capoulas Santos, who, in the company of the president of the Lagoa City Council, Luis Encarnação, visited the event.

In his usual opening speech, Luis Encarnação said that “FATACIL is going through, these days, one of the most brilliant moments. Thanks to everyone who, since June 1980, has helped us get here. Thanks to the many people from Lagoa, who directly or indirectly throughout these 40 editions contributed to the fair always opening on time, in particular to the workers of the Lagoa City Council, who since the autarchy took over the organization of FATACIL, give their best. , literally wear the FATACIL jersey, so that year after year it is possible to achieve the goal that guides us, that of making each year the best FATACIL ever!”

In turn, minister Capoulas Santos stressed that he has “followed the regional event that is always FATACIL, which deserves to be highlighted throughout the country. An exhibition that represents the dynamism of a municipality and a region, where various economic activities are concentrated, and where agriculture, which was at its genesis, continues to play an important role. This is an event that is asserting itself more and more, that it has more exhibitors, that it has a more diversified exhibition and that attracts more visitors, in a climate of trust».

After the speeches, the minister, president of the Chamber, and the rest of the entourage walked through the venue, greeting exhibitors and visitors, learning about the products, origins and traditions of the countless exhibitors who, from north to south of the country, fill and shine FATACIL.

Considered the “queen” of Craft, Tourism, Agriculture, Commerce and Industry, as its dissemination effect goes beyond the borders of Lagoa or the Algarve, the 40th edition of FATACIL affirms its commitment to permanent reinvention, in search of new audiences for that the event continues to have a successful future, without forgetting its origins and traditions.

It was with a full venue and to the sound of Xutos e Pontapés, which complete their 40th anniversary, in line with the 40th edition of FATACIL, that the first of ten concerts of the event, which ends on 25 August, kicked off.

For today, on FATACIL's new stage, to the delight of the youngest, Calema will take the stage. On Sunday, it will be the turn of the Wet Bed Gang, a group made up of four Portuguese singers and rappers, Kroa, Zara G, Gson and Zizzy Jr, whose repertoire mixes tuga hip-hop and rap. The band is always accompanied by a real flood that does everything to ensure its place on the stage.

Not to be missed today is the launch of the equestrian program, with an inauguration show whose theme is “Lagoa do Algarve – Inclusive City“.

Of the approximately 800 exhibitors present at this 40th edition, the artisans who, during the 10 days of the event, will be working live, in traditional activities, stand out.

Interactive maps were made available, where it is possible to consult the daily program, thematic areas, points of interest, occupation of parking lots, official publications and other useful information, all through the Smartcity Lagoa APP.


Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação and Katia Viola | CM Lagoon