Agricultural Credit distinguishes 21 Algarve companies

Distinguished companies are those that received the SME Excellence seal

Photo: Crédito Agrícola Algarve customers award

Crédito Agrícola distinguished its 21 business customers in the Algarve who received the SME Excellence seal of quality, awarded by IAPMEI and Turismo de Portugal, at a ceremony that took place on the 6th, in Lisbon.

In this session, not only Algarvian companies were honored, but also clients of this bank from all over the country who received the seal given to organizations that most contributed to the competitiveness and growth of the Portuguese economy.

Those honored with the status of SME Excellence were the companies: José António Catuna& Filhos, LDA (CA Albufeira); Guedelha and Lores (CA Albufeira); O Ribeirinho da Guia, LDA (CA Albufeira); YellowfishTravel, LDA (CA Albufeira); Joaquim & Fernandes – Electricidade e Telecomunicações, LDA (CA Algarve); I. Gonçalves & M. Duarte, LDA (CA Algarve); Palma & Palma – Representações, LDA (CA Algarve); ERS – Operating Restaurants and Similar, Unipessoal, LDA (CA Algarve); Ababuja Empreendimentos Turísticos LDA (CA Algarve); FS Frutas, LDA (CA Algarve); O Primo – Restaurante, LDA (CA Algarve); JRG – Hospitality, LDA (CA Algarve); Mundo Aquático – Oceanographic Parks of Educative Entertainment, SA (CA S. Bartolomeu de Messines, S. Marcos da Serra); Sérgio Bigodinho, LDA (CA S. Bartolomeu de Messines, S. Marcos da Serra); Luís Manuel Camarada Rodrigues (CA Sotavento Algarvio); Joaquim Feliciano & Irmã, LDA (CA Sotavento Algarvio); Madalena Magalhães & Magalhães, LDA (CA Sotavento Algarvio); J.Romão & Marques, LDA (CA Sotavento Algarvio); Marisqueira Capelo, LDA (CA Sotavento Algarvio); Dunasvale – Terraplenagens, LDA (CA Sotavento Algarvio); Chumbinho & Chumbinho – Restauração, LDA (CA Sotavento Algarvio).

"For the Crédito Agrícola this honor is of special importance as it distinguishes companies that, due to their characteristics and work carried out throughout 2018, position themselves as an engine for the development of the national economy, in different sectors of activity" , according to the bank.


Photos: Agricultural Credit