Chamber asks the Government to intervene in Lagos once again

Strong silting of the Lagos bar leads to permanent restrictions on navigation

Showing the Government the «disgust at the persistence of the poor situation in Barra de Lagos» and recommending to António Costa's executive «the rapid resolution of the same» were the two main objectives of a motion approved at the most recent meeting of the Chamber of Lagos.

The proposal presented by Joaquina Matos, president of the municipality, «deserved the support of the entire council».

At the base of the motion is the strong silting up of the bar, «cause of serious inconvenience both to resident fishermen, as well as to the various operators of the so-called maritime-tourists and entities with interests in this domain, namely the Marina de Lagos, the shipyard Sopromar and the Clube de Vela de Lagos”, according to the City Council of Lagos.

"The situation has become more acute, since the bar/channel area should be about four meters deep, at low tide, and is currently about a meter and a half, making it impossible to regulate navigation in safe conditions. », he added.

On the website of the National Maritime Authority, information about the Lagos inlet never changes: “State of Barra de Lagos – conditioned to vessels with a draft of more than 2 meters, they must practice the inlet with a water depth greater than half tide”.

"The conditional access of the Lagos bar, given the information opening to all navigation of all the other bars in the south zone, in the opinion of the mayors, conditions and harms the local economy and the image of Lagos as a destination of excellence", he defended the Lacobrigense Chamber.

This is not the first time that the City of Lagos has addressed the Government, in order to see the situation of the bar resolved.

From the Government, more precisely from the Secretary of State for Fisheries, came the information that "the start of the dredging works of the Lagos dam would be scheduled for the 1st half of 2019, although subject to the proper authorization for dredging and deposit of materials dredged products to be issued by the APA –Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente”.

“It happens that we are in June, at the beginning of the season of greatest tourist flow, without any indication that the works have started, and it seems to be of utmost urgency to resolve this entire situation”, considered Joaquina Matos.