PJ wants to stay with the former School of Health

PJ Union Association criticizes the Government's intention to transform the former Health School of Faro in a student residence, rather than handing it over to this security force.

The Southern Directorate of the Judiciary Police is “looking forward to the final decision on the building of the former Higher School of Health in Faro». This is guaranteed by the Association of Criminal Investigation Employees of the Judiciary Police (ASFIC-PJ), which went public with regret that this complex, recently decommissioned, do not be handed over to this security force.

«Knowing the meager and degraded conditions of what has been the house of the southern directorate of the PJ, in the historic center of Faro, we were looking forward to the fate of that building. As we have already suggested to those entitled, the building has all the conditions to house the resources and services of this board», refers the ASFIC-PJ.

The trade union association accuses the Government of not responding "to the most urgent needs of this institution" and of carrying out "a management that can be considered incomprehensible of the State's resources". by handing over "for requalification and construction of student residences the vacant building of the former School of Health of the University of Algarve".

«The seriousness of this situation increases when it is verified that the building in question presents the necessary conditions for the PJ, without the need to add costs to the budget. The Government's decision, however, although not definitive, was to spend more money, when there are other alternatives in the city for the construction of student residences», say the representatives of the Criminal Investigation Officials.

The ASFIC-PJ warned that the Judiciary Police could be the next entity to pack their bags and look for a house in another municipality in the Algarve, «as happened with the Civil Protection, the GNR and the SIS, which were compelled to leave the municipality of Faro (PSD), having found a solution in Loulé (PS)».

«The Southern PJ board cannot stay another year in the historic center of Faro, operationally limited and without expansion possibilities», conclude the union members.