Algarve swimmer Isabel Figueira breaks the Europe Master record

Algarve swimmers achieved a total of 14 medals

The Algarve swimmer Isabel Figueira, from the Clube de Natação de Faro, broke the record of the Europa Master (40-44 years old – step D), from 50m breaststroke, during the XIII International Winter Masters Open – National Winter Masters Championship, which took place this weekend at the municipal swimming pools of Meal.

The swimmer also broke the national record in the 50m and 100m breaststroke events, becoming national champion, with times of 33.16 and 1.14.18, and in the 50m freestyle event, with a time of 27.72. She was also national runner-up in the 100m freestyle, with a time of 1.01.82.

Isabel Figueira also registered the best performance, by FINA points, in her class, with the result of the 50m breaststroke event, and with a total of 1.110 points.

His teammate, Patrick Lesseux, also achieved three national titles, in step J, in the 50, 100m backstroke and 200m freestyle events, with times of 41.35, 1.28.29 and 3.01.96, respectively.

The bronze medals went to the athletes, José Faustino (Portinado), in the 200m styles competition (class F), with a time of 3.02.14, while António Raposo (O2 Portimão), was ranked 3rd (class H), in the 50, 100 and 200m backstroke, with times of 47.63, 1.44.28 and 3.43.18, respectively.

Other bronze medals were achieved by swimmers Carolina Santos (O2 Portimão), who swam the 100m backstroke (step C), in the time of 1.48.81, and Inês Silva (Portinado), in the 100m styles event (step D), with the time of 1.28.38.

Making the final calculations, the Algarve swimmers achieved a total of 14 medals (six gold, two silver and six bronze), beat three national records and also a European record.