Lagoa: Active Tourism attracts more than 5.000 stays in October

Movement generated in three weeks of October meant the entry of 350 thousand euros into the economy of the municipality of Lagoa

The XII Edition of the International Open “Billiards South Darts” (11th to 14th of October), the Copa Afia – International Amateur Football Tournament (15 to 18) and the Eurospital – European Sports Games of Social Security (18 to 21) attracted Lagoa people from 20 nationalities, generating more than 5000 stays in hotels in the municipality.

Nearly 1.750 practitioners, from various regions of the country and the world, were in these three weeks of October involved in three major Active Tourism events, which, with their more than 5.000 overnight stays, contributed to «a direct increase in the local economy in approximately 350 thousand euros”, guarantees the Câmara de Lagoa.

«The excellent conditions for sports, the beauty of the beaches and cliffs and the quality of the cuisine and wines make Lagoa an increasingly sought-after destination for sporting and leisure events, which find in a quality hotel offer the ideal partnership for the development of a sector that is in great growth at a global level”, emphasizes the Lagoon municipality.

Integrated in the III Axis of the Municipality's Sport Development Strategy – “Lagoa Acolhe Grandes Eventos”, Active and Sport Tourism was formally presented during the Lisbon Tourism Exchange (BTL), last March, and has been a commitment of the Municipality to the throughout 2018.

This tourist segment "has contributed, so far, with close to 22.500 overnight stays in hotels in the municipality, which corresponds to a direct increase of 1,5 million euros in the local economy", concludes the Câmara de Lagoa.