Side B brings Herman José to Silves

The Portuguese comedian will perform at Centro Pastoral de Pêra

The humorist Herman José will perform at Centro Pastoral de Pêra, on November 16, at 21 pm, under the “B Side” section of the Silves Chamber.

This time, the guest is someone who «occupies a unique place in the national artistic universe», whose work «results from the fusion of various arts: humorous writing, musical author and interpreter, musician, multifaceted actor and that of story teller», according to the Chamber of Silves.

«Is it perhaps this explosive mixture, which makes his shows adapt to all socio-cultural strata and that result in all stages, from the most popular to the most erudite. His career of over forty years of unstoppable activity means that his repertoire is generationally transversal, both in Portugal and in the diaspora», added the municipality.

Tickets for the show cost 10 euros and can be purchased at the Municipal Archeology Museum of Silves (282 440 838 | [email protected]), at the Casa-Museu João de Deus, in SB Messines (282 440 892 | [email protected]), at the Parish Councils of the municipality and at the Pastoral Center of Pêra.


About Herman José:

«It has been a long time since Hermann Joseph Von Krippahl, better known as Herman José, has become one of the biggest references in the world of spectacle in Portugal. For many Herman José will even be the “Father of humor in Portugal”, so many were the contemporary humorists that the artist influenced.

With a career spanning over 40 years, Herman José is one of the most popular figures in Portugal and success has been a frequent reality in his career both as a comedian, presenter and musician.

Born in 1954, he took his first steps on TV at the age of 18, in a youth program, as the bass player of a resident musical trio. After several works, he made his debut as an actor on television, in 1975, indicated by Nicolau Breyner, participating in the sketch by the duo Sr. Feliz and Sr. Contente, in the program “Nicolau no Pais das Maravilhas”.

The fact that his work as an actor increasingly took shape, never made him reject his character as a musician and in 1977 he released one of his first hits, “Saca Rolhas”, whose sales reached the gold record.

In the early 80's, he was invited by presenter Júlio Isidro to participate in the program “Passeio dos Alegres”, where the historical character “Tony Silva” appears, thus managing to grab the attention of the general public. At this time, he also released “Canção do Beijinho”, which is also a gold record.

In 1983, he had a resounding success with the program “O Tal Canal”, followed by “Hermanias”, where characters such as football writer José Estebes and the great Serafim Saudade were born. In the following years, Herman José worked in radio, presented some television contests, later becoming a talk show host in “Parabéns”, a program where he interviewed Amália Rodrigues, Tony Bennett, Omar Sharif, Carlos Lopes, among others…

At the beginning of the new century, Herman caused a sensation when he transferred to SIC, starting the program “Herman SIC” accompanied by great actors, such as Maria Rueff, Joaquim Monchique, Ana Bola or Vitor de Sousa. In this program, Herman José returns to interview great characters on a world scale, such as Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), Sting (The Police), Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Ute Lemper or Tom Jones.

After several years, always active, Herman returns to RTP where he has worked on several television projects, to which he has added numerous stage presentations, revealing his tremendous capacity as a musician and revisiting some of the songs and characters that made him a celebrity».